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SAP Interfaces Interview Questions
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what are the importent things whan we are configaration of mm module?


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what are all interfaces developed so far---relate to sap-xi

IBM, Infogain,

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How system does if I don’t want w/tax for some of vendors for some period & again I wnt to use it?


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I am sending a mail from my mailbox to XYZ mailbox ,SAP PI picks up mail from xyz mail box with disclaimer - Hear my question is how to get the disclaimer?


What is SAP ABAP?

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What do you mean by an ABAP data dictionary?

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Explain the difference between pool tables and transparent tables?

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What do you mean by BDC (Batch Data Communications) programming?

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What are the internal tables?

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List down the functional modules used in sequence in BDC?

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What is a foreign key relationship?

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In ABAP what are the differences between table and structure in data dictionary?

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How to create ‘table cluster’?

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How can you format the data before write statement in the report?

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Explain the difference between Template and Table?

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What is the difference between .Include Structure and .Append structure?


What is the difference between RFC and BAPI?


How can we identify User exits in our screen?


What is the difference between VIEW and a TABLE?


What is the difference between INSTANCE methods and STATIC methods?


What is the difference between Master data and Transaction data?


How is the table sorted when you do not specify field name and Ascending or Descending? On what criteria will the table be sorted? Do internal table have keys?


What do you mean by table control???Where will we use this?


What do you mean by Inbound and Outbound interface?


How do you find BAPI?


What is the difference between Implicit Enhancements and Explicit Enhancements?


What is the difference between SAP memory and ABAP memory?


What is the difference between Call Transaction Method and the Session method ?


What events do you know in Module Pool Programming?


What is the flow of Invoice?