SAP FI CO Interview Questions
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whats the difference between business area and profit center.


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Plz tell me abt " certification in sap fi/co" i want to be prepare for certification .So tell me abt details


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Tell me about FI Organizational structure?

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How many Normal and Special periods will be there in fiscal year, why do u use special periods?

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Where do you open and close periods?

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What do you enter in Company code Global settings?

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What is document type, and what does it control? Examples.

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Tell me about FI Organizational structure.


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How many Normal and Special periods will be there in fiscal year, why do u use special periods?

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Where do you open and close periods?

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What do you enter in Company code Global settings?

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What is document type, and what does it control? Examples.

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What is posting key and what does it control?


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What is field status group, what does it control?


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What is chart of account and how many charts of accounts can be assigned to a company?

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What are Business Partner Conversions? How would you perform Business Partner Conversions and why are they necessary? Discuss Business partner conversions on the SAP Treasury side? Explain the scenario in detail?


I'm facing a problem while posting a transaction, the errors showing "withholding tax amount exceed the total line item." I know the anmount calculated is more than the Base amount itself. But as i'm not a FI candidate, I want to know from where I have to change so that I can do the transaction, condition is that I cannot change any rate and code of ewt tax. Pls. help me out, it's urgent.


how to send dunning ntife by email to customer?


hi experts In SAP FICO i Completed my sap fico classes. can plz somebody send me some real time blue print docts & some mock projects to work on & practise. Also plz guide me on some real time tickets ( issues and how they are resolved) . If any suggestions in how to face real time Qustions in Interviews SANDEEP.A Hyderabad ( 99890 70645)


what is cr in sap


Our company has 2 divisions: Food Service & Food Beverage Units Now we have a problem... The customer no. 500 , is shared between our Food Service and Food & Beverage units. T we do not have a customer hierarchy for the following combination: sales org. 1000 dist. channel 10 ( for food service) division 00. We cannot set this up because we have the customer hierarchy already created for sales org.1000, dist. channel 11 ( for food and beverage) division 00 Is there anyway that we can set up the customer hierarchy for food service units? Please let me know


P&L account type :- Hi, While creating GL accounts in FS00 am selecting P&L account radio button and immediately it asking me P&L account type (in drop down button it is showing A and S options). I want to disable it.


What are the steps for creation of New Movement types and specific requirements for GL and codes from a unique company code?


In Validation ob28 i cant assign more than one validation the error is already existing the same company code?


whenever run depreciation, automatically updation income tax depreciation with the same percentage?What is the problem?can u give me solution?


How do we create tasks? What is the difference between task and change request?


1. how can see that how much the vendor is owed do u reverse a MIRO invoice 3. how do u pay vendor in foreign currency


What are the different role of SAP FICO consultant during the different implementation phases of ASAP Road map. and what are the tool and documents he is using ?


What would be the issues while executing Exhange revaluation where muliple company codes, multiplal operating concerns and multiple controlling area exists ?


what is the company fixed ovh and shop fixed ovh ? bikash 9931538682