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SAP Security Interview Questions
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what is temp role and copy role ?

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how to create new authorization object?


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how to adjust user master records?


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how to transport roles?


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what are various user types

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which ticketing tool you are using?

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how to get ticket from end user?


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After maintaining authorization fields, we save and generate the profile. But it prompts for the profile name right when we click on 'Save' icon. So what is the basic difference between Saving and Profile Generating?

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In 4.7 EE, we have an option as User -> Settings -> Automatic Comparison at Save. Is it right if i say that this option checked will automatically prompt for User cpompare when we simply save the data after entering the users to the role? But whether the option is checked or not i did not get any prompt for User compare on saving the data after entering Users info in the role. My another doubt is whats the difference between User and Complete Compare options. If i dont do complete Compare, wiill that effect? Is it right if i say that User compare assigns the users to the role and Complete Compare updates the user master recoirds , i.e., User master record comparison is current.

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Hello!!! We are asked to generate a report/collect data on users concurrently accessed to the system and what operations they performed with their concurrent access. Apart from they want info on the duration of thier concurrent/normal session (date, time etc). Can anyone help us to know any particular transactions (as of our knowledge STAT & STAD can render certain segment of data), reports available with SAP to collect the above requested info.

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What is the differrence b/w Copy Roles and Derived Roles ?

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Hi This is Prakash . Can any one tell me what is the use of SU24 and SU25 transaction code exactly


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What are the issues will face while creating user in the system ?


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Hi , Currently i am working in an MNC company as an SAP Security tier1 member , we will take care of User Administration , Profile/authorization administration activities .Could any one tell me , is i am eligible to apply for an SAP Security job for 2 years experience . Could any one tell me about SOD , SOX Audit and Virsa tool , i have never worked before . Prakash


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Does anyone know what kind of questions does the Accenture asks on Interview as SAP Security Consultant?


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could anyone tell me how we can copy the mass roles from sap_all profiles???????


Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool.can any one brief this


What is sso in sap security?


What is the difference between authorization object and authorization object class?


Which tables will you use for making customizing setting for security administration?


Explain internet-level security?


When would you update a sap table directly?


how we do CUA configuration in Quality system


Which transaction code is used to display the user buffer?


Mention different tabs available in pfcg?


What are su53 t-codes used for?


Differentiate between derived role and composite role


what is user base in sap security?


what things you have to take care before executing run system trace?


authorization issue. We had asssigned company codes 'BUKRS' in range for example 4000-4220 some come company code is working some are not working means in between ranges . could you please post the answer as early as possible.