SAP CRM Interview Questions
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could you guys please tell me the most frequently asked interview questions about sap crm. Ofcourse please suggest me with answers.

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could you please post the Q&A of SAP CRM Base customization, Marketing, Sales, Service, CIC and IPC? Pls mail to my email id Shall be grateful for your reply. murthy

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can anybody send interview question and answers for SAP CRM. whatever you have. thanx.

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1).in the project what type of problems a functional consultant can get and what is the solution. 2).list out any 2 problems in your project. 3).in IC-winclient what type of questions can be asked.

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Hi Everybody, I just have joined this Forum with a hope to get help from you all.Last Week I finished SAP CRM training and presently looking for jobs. Any help from you guyzs will be greatly appreciated. To start with if I can get INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS mailed to me at Thank You all.

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Hi Evrybody, I just got into SAP CRM job market,so if you all kindly help me with Interview Questions & Answers please. You can Email me at Thank You All


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What is connectivity in SAP crm?


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what is functionality?


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why do u do bp search?


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tell me about Landscape?


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why we do customization in org?


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what do sap crm consultants do in realtime

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what is the basic THUMB RULE for SAP-CRM

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Give the detailed structure from marketing planner to service

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Give the path for creation of service processes

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Post New SAP CRM Questions

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plz give me some example of p2 and p3 ticket and tell me and the procedure to solve them plzplz... my email id is


Hi this is rajeev hre i m gng to complete SAP CRM TRAININNG BASE CUSTOMIZATION + SALES. m i eligible to get a job or i will have to do other modules like marketing & CIC. PLZ tell in which can i get gd break. m having 2 yrs of EXPNCE as NAVISION CONSULTANT & rt now m not getting calls on this so i shifted to SAP CRM .WAT R POSIIBLITIES . PLZ SUJJEST & SEND INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AT,931564306 . m in delhi


1)how will control the item category determination


What is the difference between crm and erp?


could you please post the Q&A of SAP CRM interview questions and answers on Sales and Service? Pls mail to my email id Shall be grateful for your reply. shilpa


hi.i have required few implementation life example in sap marketing ,can any body give me help.if possible then please mail


How do modification-free enhancements work?


Explain what is bdoc in crm? What are the types or classes of bdoc?


Define the function of action profile in sap crm?


What are the most important modules in crm?


How do you download ecc org structure to crm, what are the prerequisites


explain any tickets you faces in support and how you solved it?


hi everyone, can someone pls tell me about tickets and pls send me few tickets u have faced in base customization. my id - thanks.


Mention the various partner function available in the sap crm?


How did you customize IC for service project?