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What is the maximum number of levels available in SAP?


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I am from india. PLease send me everythng in every SAP module so i can keep and send to all my friends here so all of us can become consultants

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How is SAP related to D&B?

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How is the D&B Online Access software be customized?

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How much time does it take to extract 1 million of records from an infocube?

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What are the four ASAP Methodologies?


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How do you measure the size of infocube?

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What is the Difference between infocube and ODS?


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What is the Difference between display attributes and navigational attributes?

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When top of the page event is triggered?

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How do we debug sapscript?

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What are client dependant objects in abap or sap?

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How to create client independent tables?


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What is the Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes?


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In production what is the user exit?

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In event management,for shipment Business process type if we are not able to get reported dates of pick end date,pick start date,loading start date,end date... and we can only see planned dates as in shipment document,where to check for configuration.please let me know...


what are your daily activities as a bo supporter?


SAP supports MDX, where as SAPBO supports SQL,,, like is there any major and more difference between SAP and BO?...please ans to this quetion.


Why milestone confirmation required?


MOdules in TSW


How can we explain our project in interview panel?


i want dumps for base SAS erification so please provide me link or information on my mail id


what is the market of sap bo. Is there openings are there on sap bo at present. what is its future.


What is the difference between on change of field and at new field events?


What is bank key of the partner's bank in multicash format. What value should we provide for all type of transactions.


How many ways you can restrict data in business objects


I want to do SAP course from renowned organizations. Can anyone refer me to any good institute?


why we r creating the folder,users and groups.


What is IDOC archiving?


Can u configure the EDI subsystem? What is EDI subsystem if yes how?