SAP Interview Questions
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Explain a report that you recently did?

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Tell me MM related report that you have done?

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What you did in BDC?


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How do you do Recording and what will you do?


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Modes in Call Transaction?


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How do you handle in Call Transaction?


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How will you do in session method?

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What are the FM you used in Session method?


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How will you process the Session method in Background?

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What is Direct Input method?


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What you did in scripts?

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What you modified in Purchase Order?


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How you upload Logo?


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How do you check it out whether the Logo is added or not in your forms?


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"What is NAST Table, what it will consists?"


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP }

Different types of ABAP memory ?


What is a SID table and advantages?


what is the integration between marketing & ERP


what is the difference between with core


What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?


when are objects are passed from task to the change request?


how to do Restricting nodes and Hierarchies through characteristic values and authorization objects


Give me examples for Medium Priority & High Priority Tickets from your support project? Give detailed error message/ issue ,your analysis,finally how did you resolve that ticket along with detailed procedure & explanation and t-codes if any? I have an interview in immediate future so plzz help me...Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance


For REM the settings are dependent or normal?


why ods activation fail? What types of fails are there? What are the steps to handle


What are mail forms? How will you do in WEB UI?


what comes in Timkein written test I hope some body can tell me at this id plz tell it before 9 pm 19 march


In Third Party sale process, I am getting an error- in MIRO(Error No. M8889-A/c 893010 has been set as not relevant for Tax, but when I want to change the Account Assignment in ME21 it is taking only G/L A/C 893010 and refusing all other G/L A/C's by giving 2 errors. They are ME045-G/L A/c 39010 cannot be used(please correct)and ME038-No direct posting can be made to G/L A/C 34000. Experts please share your knowledge to solve this problem. Warm Regards.


Define the database structure in CO-PA?


NO CENVAT AMOUNT TO BE POSTED --------Please reply me its very urgent till now I didnt get the answer DETAILS REGARDING THE ERROR Process: J1iex for GR Posting simulation using j1iex Part 1 is captured While posting, this issue is coming. No part 2 is getting captured.