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SAP Netweaver Interview Questions
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why is netweaver known by XI,EP,BSP,WEBDYNPRO etc... what are these, are they embedded in NETWEAVER ?

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What if Netweaver Module? Plz tell me it's use.


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what is XI, EP, and MDM


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what is sld

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difference between business system and business service

ABC, Accenture,

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What is the function of pipeline and pipeline interface in SOAP? How their functions are related to each other? And what is ICF service?

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Hi,i am new to SAP i have Knowledge in SAP(ABAP)now i want to learn Netweavr can u plz sugist me it is use full r not? what r the basic thing to required ? (Usha)

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Hi,i am basicaly M.Sc mathematics i have good knowldge in SAP ABAP,if i learn Netwaver ABAP, how the openings, can i have to learn any languages ? Plz (Usha)

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Expline in detaild about Webdynpro ? give Url plz(Usha)

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hi to all plz sen to me interview questions on webdynpros

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i am searching on sap xi .please any help me what is roles and responsibilities of sap xi consultant in projects.thanks

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what technologies required for sap xi consultantin realtime.thanks advance

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what is job categories in sap xi ,explain briefly .thanks in advance

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what is main concepts of sap xi used inrealtime projects.thanks in advance

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if u dont mine .please send me sap xi consultant resume urgent .mail thanks in advance

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP Netweaver }

In netweaver gateway central hub deployment, what are the different scenarios for development? Which one is preferred and when?


What do you understand by Transport routes?


How many types of locks can an application developer choose?


What is sap enterprise portal?


What is the transactional processing in as abap? Explain.


What do you understand by the term sap netweaver business client?


What is lock management in sap system?


Which is gives good performance idoc/ proxy?


What do you understand by SAP NetWeaver?


List and explain the various transactional processing’s within as abap.


How will you trigger the idoc?


idoc is sucess in ECC, and WE02 code is sucess and IDOC is not reached to PI system. what is reason.


How to you apply license for an abap stack of an sap system ?


What are the main components of the SAP Netweaver Portal?


What is the use of Transport Domain Controller?