SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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What Does SRM Stand For ?


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what is the difference between a partner and a customer? 2)what is the difference between abusiness partner and a partner function

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How SAP SRM is Linked with SAP MM?

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How to call structure in srm?

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• 1.Name some of basis steps associatted with the configuration of SRM ? • 2. Why do you configure number ranges in SRM ? • 3. What number ranges to be configured in SRM ? • 4. Why do you create internal number ranges for Local bid invitations ? • 5. What is difference between SRM Vendor list and Sourse list from R/3 ? • 6. How do you define the ITS URL ? • 7. What is SRM equalent terminology for Material group material master ? • 8. If you want to replicate only a subset of material group to SRM Product categories ? how it can be accomplished ? • 9. In disconnected mode how many local system should be connected / defined? • 10. How often must be define Org unit address ? • 11. Is there any thing special about replicating vendors in the org plan ? • 12. What are some of non –MM objects, that must be replicated in SRM system ? • 13. If you are replicating from R/3 back end , and some thing is stuck in the queue in R/3 , WHAT CAN YOU DO ? • 14. What you can do to see if you have a queue in EBP? • 15. Is there is any thing in particular that needs to be done to a user or vendor to make them a valid part of SRM? ANS : Bussiness partner of organaisation unit does not exists . • 16. What purpose does SRM Org structure serve? • 17. What are some of the most important attributes assigned in the org structure, and what are there purposes? • 18. What is the purposes of forword work item attribute ( forword_wi ) ? • 19. What is the significance of product category is in SRM? • 20. How do you make catalogue link appear for a user ? • 21. Do vendors exists in SRM system ? Or do you use the back end vendors ? • 22. What is the T-code used to replicate vendor master from back end in SRM ? • 23. How do you know if shopping cart generate a PR or PO ? • 24. How do you control which catalogs a user sees ?] • 25.How can you automate vendor replicate in SRM ? • 26. How does SRM maintain synchronization with the back end R/3 system ? • 27. Can tax calculation can be disabled? • 28. Why should I mark the standard approval work flows as a general task ? • 29 What is the purchasing organization hierarchy ? • 30. What is the middleware used for ? • 31. How do you define logical systems for initial download? • 32. What is purpose of a document type? How does this apply to PR? To PO? • 33. How are the product categories represented in R3?

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Thirdly if a person is in contract is made to permanent what are the transactions carried out? If a person is terminated whether his data is deleted immediately. How long his data will be stored in the database whether it is permanently deleted or not? Pls answer for these questions asap. Thanks Priya


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If we replicated a vendor from R/3 to SRM and assigned to wrong Account grp/purcase organisation. How can we Correct it(assign to correct Account grp/purcase organisation), please prove answer in detail.


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which companies use sap srm?how srm works?



what is the configuration of catologuecontent management & briefly tell about LDAP?


hi, i have trained in sap mm module but now am belongs to sap srm team, please share your basic ideas about srm and tell me the business process flows and tell me the things which is in technical side and business side,please reply me as soon as possible.

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what is the different procurement process involved in sap srm?? please reply me as soon as possible . am a beginner in sap ,but i had trained in sap mm in my training period

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what is the different procurement process involved in sap srm?? please reply me as soon as possible . am a beginner in sap ,but i had trained in sap mm in my training period

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Why Client implemented EC but not Classic when they have strong ECC?


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Can We have Classic and Extended Classic Scenario in the Same System . If we can have it , then How do we Configure


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SAP SRM : In Classic Scenario , For a Shopping Cart PO is Generated in the Backend and is Not Updated in the SRM Inspite of running BBP_GET_STATUS_2 Job Manually apart from Daily Scheduled Jobs ?? What do you do in this Case??



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What is supply management in srm ?


What is the use of workflows in SAP Supplier Relationship Management?


You wan to make a user/ vendor a valid part of srm. How will you do that? Does this need anything particular to be done?


Explain key business processes in SAP Supplier Relationship Management process?


How is srm used?


What is Supplier Self Service process? What are the key advantages of using SUS?


What are the SRM sub modules ?


SAP SRM : Contact Person from a Vendor did not get Updated in SRM after Replicating the Vendor ?? What do You Do ??


How would you do the automate vendor replication on srm


What is the use of configuring number ranges in sap srm system?


Discuss about the benefits that SAP SRNI brings to a business ?


If you get less number of quotation for RFx, what can be done to fix this?


Why are internal number ranges created for local bid invitations ?


What attributes are assigned in the org structure. What purpose do they serve?


What is a contract?