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HP Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is main parts of alternator.

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what is safety measures of transformers.

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if AVR fails in alternator. what will be the effect.

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what is the minimum dielectric stregth of transformer oil.

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what are the affects of loose connection in electrical circuit.

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what is MUSS?

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what is phase and neutral.

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Explain the working principle of Vacuum circuit breaker and Air circuit breaker

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Why not implimenting power factor in Diesel generator

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What is expand formation of AYFY cable

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what is voltage rise and voltage drop?

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what is difference between neutral and earth

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What should be the setting of an earth fault relay.

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why HT line voltage is multiple of 11.eg11kva,33kva,132kva

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by using pump duty, how we will can calculate the motor duty(KW)? is there any standard or formula.


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HP Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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