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HP CICS Interview Questions
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How to make protected field in BMS invisible through application program?

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what is mapfail and when we get this error? during send map or receive map?

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how a data in physical and symbolic map gets treated? Since the physical map is much concerned about the screen alignment and the field positions, how the values entered in the field which has PICIN or PICOUT clause in Physical map gets treated? Does that mean datas recieved or sent to the physical map should be constant? How does the data in Symbolic map gets converted with 5suffix namely F,L,A,I and O. For example EMPNO is treated as EMPNOI, EMPNOO, EMPNOA, EMPNOL and EMPNOF. how does this happen in symbolic map. Please provide your inputs on the above and kindly correct me if I am wrong.


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HP CICS Interview Questions

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