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HP Weblogic Interview Questions
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what are the benefits of load order in the deployment of the application?

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What are workload managers for?

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how to handle out of memory in weblogic? and if server is getting more requests then what we have to do in production environment?

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What is config.xml.booted file.

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where can we set classpath, which will reflect to whole domain

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in which file/script we need to change the heap size?.What is the variable name to search to change the heap size

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when we creates a domain, it creates one-startManagedWebLogic in bea user_projects\domains\MyDomain\bin dir. Suppose we have 2 or more than 2 managed severs in our unix can we start all our managed servers. I know we have to copy startManagedWebLogic with server name.then wht to modify in the script to start ecah of the managed servers?

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What is the difference between Connection Pool and data source?

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HP Weblogic Interview Questions

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