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HP Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why used in starter in tube ligtht circuit.

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Why used in layer by layer charcoal and salt used in earth pits.

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1. how much normal earth resistance in earth pits(neutral and body earth) and transformer neutral and body earth & panel earth.

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how much UPS neutral erath leakage current.


1. what is difference between VCB and its works please explian.

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if HT side voltage is high current is low . and LT side voltage is low current is high please explian.

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what is electricity.

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what is maximum demand.

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if 20 hp motor starts directly delta connection.motor what will be the effect.

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if 20 hp motor starts directly stars and contenious run . what will be the effect.

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star delta connection used in reduce the starting current at 3 times . how its reduce the current please explian .

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what is on line transformer and off line transformer.

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what is electricial and mechnical interlock.

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please explian how may types of maintenance works.

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what is safety measures of alternator.

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HP Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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