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HP SAP Security Interview Questions
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I want to reset the passwords of 100 do you do it?

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Q1) What is the difference between Derived Role & Copy Role? Can't we just do a copy instead of deriving it when both have the same characterstics or inputs or functions??

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Q2) Can we ADD an organisational element in a role? If yes how??

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Q3) What is difference between R/3 security and HR security? Explain in detail or its importance?

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Q4) What are the limitations of ST01? Explain in detail?

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Q5) What is the procedure you follow in your company as a security admin when a end user complains that he is unable to perform or execute an action in a particular tcode?

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Q6) When do you get a screen for " maintaining the authorization values for org elements " in PFCG ??? (i.e..screen you get thru PFCG --> AUTHORIZATION tab --> CHANGE AUTHORIZATION DATA --> SCREEN FOR MAINTAINING ORG ELEMENT VALUES )

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Q1) What is an Authorization Group and when is it used? Explain with example???

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how a t code works


why we are using the landscape in sap r/3 ?

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What are the T-codes in BI security

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Difference between User Group in "Logon data" and "Groups" tab in SU01

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why we should not check " Generate automatically " option in SUPC?

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In su24, what will happen if i have maintain ' Do not check ' check indicator?(auth. check for auth. object is maintained in program) is that mean user can execute concern object function?

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HP SAP Security Interview Questions

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