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HP Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is amortization?

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What is earning per sahre? how does it impact the share holder?

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What is accrued expenses .and what is differance between accrued Expenses & Accrued Income?

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what is suspense account?

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what is the meaning of A/c

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what are contingent liabilities?

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why land is not depreciated.........?

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what will be the treatment of preliminery expenses if due to preliminary expenses being written off there results a loss?


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Sir, I want to know about Entry Tax. I purchased the Packing Box from other state.the entry tax on the packing items is 5 %.but now sale tax deptt. close the entry tax on barrier. the tax will be deposited with return. sir we want to know can i deposit this entry taxon on CST challan or not. if not then how can i deposit, or which cloumn in return shown this amount. please send the return format my mail ID is


what is depreciation ? and its entries ?

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what is the diff btw charge and appropriation

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how do you calculate depreciation on land?

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paid Rs.500 to tax amount which was due for two months pass journal entries

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What is mean by Asset area?


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HP Accounting General Interview Questions

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