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HP Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is maximum No of Vusers that we can load using LoadRunner8.0 and how should we connect to database using loadrunner

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i have 4 systems 1-windows,1-unix,1-linux,1-solaris. 100 vusers to 25 vusers each system. script was created in windows system. then i want to know how can i do this, do i need to install LR in all the systems ? please explain whole the scenario up to...Run step by step---plz give answer only realtime...?

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we have Unix monitors in LR by default. if i want Linux and Solaris monitors....what i do.. unix is working for Linux and solaris?

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Hi i have installed LR 8.0v on my system and wanted to test siebel web application. when i tried to record the application throught siebel web protocol, the launcher tries to connect to that URL but after some time the URL gives as Page Cannot Be Displayed, the same URL when we login manually it works fine. LR is not able to connect to the Application. What could be the reason?

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How is the 90 percentile calculated? Say I am having total 2000 transactions pumped to the system and I have 1800 passed and 200 failed. So the 90 pertile is considered from the Passed transactions or (passed+failed) transactions?

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what is latency and bandwidth

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What is Latency and Bandwidth

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What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?


I have one Scenario login then bookcoffee then logout explain test plan for above scenario?


What is SoketLevelData? And Its purpose?

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Events are generated, but the script is not generating? Why?

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HP Load Runner Interview Questions

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