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HP SQL Server Interview Questions
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How do you troubleshoot SQL Server if its running very slow?

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Explain the architecture of SQL Server?

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what are the new features of sql server 2005?

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Suppose in a situation if two list boxes are there and if you select multiple options based on that the options related to those selected items should display in second list box. Again if we select multiple items in second listbox then the related to those selected items should display . In this scenario how will you design database,tables?

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What is the difference between two queries: 1. SELECT * FROM table WHERE 1=1; 2. SELECT * FROM table

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What is the difference between cross join and Full outer join?

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What are indexes? When do you need to create Indexes?

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In which situation you use Self joins?

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Describe about first three Normal forms.

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Write the Syntax for Cursors.

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How to avoid cursors?

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What are the various Isolation levels?

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Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i


wat new abt truncate in sql server

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Psudo colums

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HP SQL Server Interview Questions

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