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HP Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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why a fixed cost is said to be fixed?

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what is bpo

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Golden rules of accounting

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What is meant by Salaries Outstanding Accounts?

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what is a reconcilation statement

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what is depreciation, what isdouble entry,alltypes of assets,alltypes of liabilities

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What is the difference between reserve and provision.


What is deferred revenue?

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Generally which method companies follow in stores? Like (FIFO,LIFO,Simple AVG,Weight AVG...)

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What's Authorized share capital?

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Expand ________ABC

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give journal entry for salary paid in company point of view?

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what is the journal entry for credit sale and credit purchase?

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where do you consider salary in an income statement? whether it is to be taken before gross profit or after net profit? answer with reasons.

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HP Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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