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HP Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is Application state,Base state and call state?

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What do you like about computers?


This is question is for system testing: What are Global catalog server, Schema Master and other NDTS roles ?

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When we will do Retesting? Only after Bug fixation?Is there any other case?

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what is crud testing ?

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How you convine the Client that the application is very stable after testing. What type of Document you show to him or anything.

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What is Testing Measurements and Metrics explain in detail? What is the need of this in the Test Strategy document?

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what is error handling in qtp

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What is a good requirement and bad Requirement

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what is diff between 32 / 64 bit web browser

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1.what types of testing do testers perform ?

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what are testing Techniques? Pls answer

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iam in a small company where testing is not having any process so somebody tell me answer what is ur company testing process?

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our testing team is very very small(how do u initiate the team members

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what is d difference between software development life cycle & system development life cycle?

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HP Manual Testing Interview Questions

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