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HP Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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If you have forgotten the root password for a server, how do you get back in?

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how to recover root passwd ?

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solaris kernel name

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how to stop the process using process name

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solaris network daemon

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how many run level in solaris?

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how to find out the how many disks attached in the server?

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How to review multiple MAC Addess in Solaris?

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how to find bad disk in VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER

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Explain inode

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how to add an user without using "useradd" command in solaris10?

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how many default groups are there in solaris10?what are they?

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If the /var file system is full then what you will do.

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Have you done the patching, the patching is done by you only or some one will assign to you?


How to find memory status i.e.. it is full like 100%?

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HP Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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