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HP Linux Commands Interview Questions
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How will retrieves incoming mails from different web sites

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have you ever got warning message from unix admin that file system running out of space or not enough disk space?what will u do?

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Did you work with linux? What flavors and versions?

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How do you rate yourself in unix(if 0 is novice and 10 is sys admin)?

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How do you find out the server processes running?

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How would you find whether a remote server is up or not?

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How will you execute a java program inside a kornshell script?

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Did you ever write any inerface files / profile file to support unix environment setup ?

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What would you do when all the processess hangs and there is no other option in unix?

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ls -l ls -t ls -r ls -a ls -ltr ls -u grep error file.txt grep -v error file.txt perl | ./file.txt tee chmod +x chmod -x chmod =x ps bg date +%y%m%d ?


Diff b/w C-shell and Born-shell

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How will retrieves incoming mails from different web sites

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How do you read ext2/3 file system in windows?

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how do you configure linux system as a router?

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when zombie process fully cleared?

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HP Linux Commands Interview Questions

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