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Write an algorithm that finds both the smallest and largest
numbers in a list of n numbers and calculate its complexity

Min-Max Write an algorithm that finds both the smallest and largest numbers in a list of n numb..

Answer / lolo

# include<oistream.h>

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write a function that allocates memory for a single data type passed as a parameter.the function uses the new operator and return a pointer to the allocated memory.the function must catch and handle any exception during allocation

0 Answers   HCL,

hello friends, given an expression we have to remove the unwanted brackets in that expression. Eg : (a+b) ---> a+b (a+b)*(c)-----> (a+b)*c. Please mail me if you know the logic. My mail id is : Thank you in advance :-)

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can you please write a program for deadlock that can detect deadlock and to prevent deadlock.

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write a function -oriented program that generates the Fibonacci, the current numbers of n(as input) and display them (series). In Fibonacci, the current third number is the sum of the previous number.

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Find the maximum product of three numbers in an array? Eg. 9,5,1,2,3 Max product= 9*5*3= 135 The array can hav negative numbers also..

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Complexity T(n) Write a linear-time algorithm that sorts n distinct integers, each of which is between 1 and 500. Hint: Use a 500-element array. (Linear-time means your algorithm runs in time c*n + b, where c and b are any constants that do not depend on n. For example, your algorithm can run in time n, or time 2n + 1, or time 5n + 10, or time 100n + 6, but not time c*n*n = c*n?.)

1 Answers   Qatar University,

what is the diffrence between ++x , x++ pleaaaaase ???

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Write a simple encryption program using string function which apply the substitution method.

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Implement a command console for changing settings on a particular object. The command console should allow you to enter a string and will return the response (very similar to a terminal session). The commands are as follows: SET propertyname=newvalue will change the target object’s member named “propertyname” to have a value equal to “newvalue”. If the input value is incompatible (i.e. an int being set to a string), print out an appropriate error message. GET propertyname will print out the current value of the target object’s member named “propertyname”. GET * will print out a list of all target object members and their current values. The system should be extensible for future commands and should accept an arbitrary object, such that another developer could insert another object into the system and rely on the command console to get and set the properties correctly.

0 Answers   ABC, Guidance Software,

what is virtual constroctor ? give an exam for it?-(parimal dhimmar)

2 Answers  

create a stucture student containing field for roll no,class,year and marks.create 10 student annd store them in a file

0 Answers   HCL,

how to take time as input in the format (12:02:13) from user so that controls remains between these columns?

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