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Infosys General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Who received the Wisden Award for the ?Indian Cricketer of the 20th Century?? 1 Sachin Tendulkar 2 Kapil Dev 3 Sunil Gawaskar 4 Ajit Wadekar

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Which IT company has developed Finacle Core-a banking software product? 1 Waipro 2 Satyam 3 Infosys 4 Iflex

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Which of the following is not a Central Government Tax? 1 Income tax 2 Customs 3 Land tax 4 Corporation tax

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Japan is member of which of the following trading blocks? 1 NAFTA 2 APEC 3 SAFTA 4 Mercusor

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The CEO of Infosys is 1 Narayan Murthy 2 Azim Premji 3 N Nilekani 4 S Krishnamurty

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what is the difference between bank rate and repo rate?

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What was d name of first bank established in India ?

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PLEASE SEND ME BSNL TTA prevoius question paper upto 2008 to my mail id

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who is the present governor of reserve bank of india?

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I have attended the interview on 15th Sep. Here are few questions that were asked during my interview.

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Who is the first lady Prime Minister of india?

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What is full form of INDIA

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Infosys General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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