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Infosys Core Java Interview Questions
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In Java why we write public static void main(String args[]) why not main()?

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Difference between Web-based applications,Client- Server applications and Distributed applications?

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how to know the total memory occupied by the objects in the ArrayList(Array list may contain duplicate objects)


What is Generic in java? Where can we write Generic ( class or method or objects or etc...)? with simple example? Thanks, Bose.

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Given: 1. package test; 2. 3. class Target { 4. public String name = “hello”; 5. } What can directly access and change the value of the variable name? 1 any class 2 only the Target class 3 any class in the test package 4 any class that extends Target

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How can we create a object of a class without using new operator.

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relation between list and linked list

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why java does not contain pointers?

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I want to run a simple hello world java ( program using a batch file. How can i run it and how to construct a batch file.

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java program with complete 4 oops concepts implemented example


What is diffrance between FINALIZE() & FINALLY ?

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why we are calling j2se why not j1se or j3se or j4se..etc is there any reason.. can u please explain it... i shocked in my interview when they asked this question please explain ans

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Nested classes VS Inner classes?

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what is the difference between String and StringBuffer classes?

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what are the major differences between jdk1.4 and jdk1.5?

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Infosys Core Java Interview Questions

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