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Infosys SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what is controlling area, cost center, cost element,internal order & profit center?what does it control?what is relationship between each other?

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how the invoices can be blocked?

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in app there are diff vendor items,then how can you pickup perticular 95,96 items in apprun?

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where it is integrated in fi & sd.pls tell me.

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in miro what is accounting entry along with tax?

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If a company has 4 company codes, 12 plants and 3 sales offices. In this situation how many profit centers and cost centers does this company contains?

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What are the critical scenarios in production support? Tell me some examples?



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tell me the process of making partial payment from APP?

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what is MIGO? where we can use? what is the use of that?..

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There are two tax accounts link to same tax code in FTXP for different company codes, but in OB40 I only can assign one account to tax code. What's the difference between tax account in FTXP(define tax code for sales & purchase) and OB40(define tax account in posting)?

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Hello friends, when configuring GL master data an option called maintain externally exists.what is the purpose of this Maintain externally option? In which way is this helpful to us?

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can two banks assign one house bank

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Can we issue cheques on the name of "sold to party" directly instead of payer, when rebate payment is made to customer through F110 transaction or F-18? Here the customer is having multiple partner functions.

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can any one explain the difference between 4.7ee version and 6.0 version? (Main changes)

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Infosys SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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