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Infosys SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Tell me about your Service level Agreement (SLA) for different Priorities of different tickets levels? I have an interview in immediate future so plzz help me...Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance


Give me examples of low priority tickets?

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In case of High Priority tickets who will communicate to the client? It is SAP SD Consultant or Project Manager? Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance

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in sales order where u can find warehouse no

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how to create data transfer routine

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what is role wat is its use plz tell me

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what is condition suplement

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how to create new user

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Why Does Delivery does not have schedule lines

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Dear Gurus, Can u please post some real time tickets with solutions and what are the different tools used in Support SD consultant and their team size


In sale order sometimes you will see two schedule lines now. I want to see always one schedule line? How you will configure this ?

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10. What are the steps for end user training in sap SD module?

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Can i have different delivery plantsa at header and item level in a sales order? Lets says that i have 3 items in a sales order with different delivery plants, how will this effect delivery creation?

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In 3rd party sales, how do we know whether the vendor has delivered the full order quantity to the customer? If we create a sales order for 100 qty and the vendor delivers 50 qty but sends an invoice for 100 qty, how do we know how much qty was actually delivered by the vendor?

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I'm a consignment fillup we create order for 100 quantity. Then in consignment issue if say 60 quantity is consumed so will we create a consignment issue of only 60 quantity or all 100 quantity. And if it's 60 then how will the system know that 60 is the quantity which is consumed?


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Infosys SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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