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Infosys Interview Questions
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In a theatre having capacity of 800 divided into three. capacity of first is 270, capacity of second is 190 more than third. find capacity of second.

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what is your petname

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Mr. Wagle goes to work by a bus. One day he falls asleep when the bus still has twice as far to go as it has already gone. Halfway through the trip he walks up as the bus bounces over some bad potholes. When he finally falls asleep again, the bus still has half the distance to go that it has already traveled. Fortunately, Mr. Wagle wakes up at the end of his trip. What portion of the total trip did Mr. Wagle sleep? a) 50% b) 25% c) 30% d) 75%

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1 chocolate cost is Rs.1 & if we return 3 wrapers(covers) of chocolate we get 1 more chocolate. If u have Rs.15 how many chocolates do u get...?

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how many zeros are there at the end of product between 1 to 100

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how to improve my communication skills

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Alok and Bhanu play the following min-max game. Given the expression N = X - Y - Z where X, Y and Z are variables representing single digits (0 to 9), Alok would like to maximize N while Bhanu would like to minimize it. Towards this end, Alok chooses a single digit number and Bhanu substitutes this for a variable of her choice (X, Y or Z). Alok then chooses the next value and Bhanu, the variable to substitute the value. Finally Alok proposes the value for the remaining variable. Assuming both play to their optimal strategies, the value of N at the end of the game would be

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rich man keeps me in pocket,poor man throws me away,kids eat me,i'm an english word -u-e-l who am i?

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Find the missing number : 0, 6, 29, 63,124?

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One man ordering pizza,there r 5 different varieties in the shop,namely a,b,c,d,e. you can also order your own 5 varieties other then a,b,c,d,e.The ordered one should be in a combination of 3 varieties of shop and 2 varieties of your own taste.find how much different varieties he can order?(plz provide the answer with solution)

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5) DB2 maintains information about the data a) In Tables b) In a set of tables known as DB2 catalog c) In DB2 database d) None of the above


in a 100m race , A beats B by 15m and B beats C by 10m . If A beats C by 5 sec then find the speed of C.

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: A horse chases a pony 3 hours after the pony runs. Horse takes 4 hours to reach the pony. If the average speed of the horse is 35 kmph, what s the average speed of the pony?

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for each hour an watch is going slow by 30 seconds now time is 8 a.m. what will be the actual time at 8 p.m.

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Infosys Interview Questions

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#include int fn(int v); main() { printf("%d\n",fn(7)); } int fn(int v) { if(v==1 || v==0) return 1; if(v%2==0) return fn(v/2)+2; else return fn(v-1)+3; }


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