Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is meant by transformer, why it should be used, with out that equipment what happens if we transformed the supply?


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What is the ohms law?

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What is meant by line losses, how do you prevent the losses?

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What are the different lines and what are the different types of losses occur on them?

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Do you have any P.L.C in your organization?

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Whats meant by trivector meter where it is connected at the substation?

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What is C.T, why it is used and what care should be taken for that while connecting?

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why is the vector group analysis done in transformer tests

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differance b|w ground, neutral&earth

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In a ordinary plug can we hold the earth in hane and connect the circuit to supply?will we get a shock?

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what is a DLC?[just dont reply its a Dual loop controller!] Plz do Explain the advantage of DLC over PLC?


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what principle the cabel TV channels are transmitted? will you be able to check the power at the connector behind your TV with a tester?If yes what is the supply level?

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about your self?

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wht do u mean by load in circuit.wht dp u mean by inductive load


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What are the difference between normal application Transformer and Solar application Transformer?


Can Anyone suggest the Standards (IEC or IS) for selecting copper current density?


sir, i'm preparing for hpcl exam officer trainee pls tell me how the exam ques paper pls pls


how could we calculate the no of outgoings from a 800 watt distribution board


I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai junior Engineer online exam. Please send me the previous exams question papers (also solved) to my mail id: rrkhandhar@yahoo.com


features of hbc fuses


why do we need to use 3c+3e cable, normally i select only 3c+e cable and i think it is enough. pls explain the usefull of 3e cable ( in this project the earthing system is well done)


what is errection pcbs?


In an ACB shunt trip coil and undervoltage coil operated normally( breaker open and charged). But closing coil not operating untill manually discharge and recharging. Any help.


why output is out of phase in case of common emitter?


how the works electronic energy meter?


What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers?


my name is venkat .i have good percentage in my academics(ssc 86, intermediate 83 b.tech 73) my question 1..after completion of my ssc i joined in bpc but i didnt got rank in emcet so i completed MPC in one year compartmentally ..so here what am expect question from this background?


How to calculate the efficiency of Turbo Generator(Alternator) in general....?


why ss stablity limit is more transient stablity limit?