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Honeywell Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What are the tests to be taken on a transformer and generator?

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what is a function pointer and how all to declare ,define and implement it ???

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What are the different types of 2 tier and 3 tier architecture ?

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Write any small program that will compile in "C" but not in "C++"

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What Does DBWR do?

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What is the difference between char a[] = "string"; and char *p = "string"; ?

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What is the requirement in MIMD ?

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What is the difference U have seen from a Dos environment to windows environment?

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what do U mean by event driven ?

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How do WinMain look like ?


How the messages are processed in Windows ?

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What are parameters needed to distinguish an event ?


Why networks are layered ?

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How many layers are there in OSI ?

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Honeywell Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

Which command will you use to run script?


What are the files required for creating custom module ?


I want to take the back up of my script layout into my hard disk to be loaded later. What should I do?


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How does inheritance operate when using the object of the classes?


Explain model with reference to ember.js. Also, tell how it is defined in it.


Why is lambda used in python?


Is soundcloud an rss feed?


Explain what are the components which form the part of integration broker?


What is abstract schema?


Name a few other CRM services apart from MS CRM?


What are the ways fot initiating a transaction?


Tom is having XML document and that needs to be read on a daily basis. Which method of XML object is used to read this XML file?


Differentiate between an organization and division in Siebel?


What is B2B?