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Mecon Interview Questions
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Do you know the overhauling of a motor?

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why is the core of the underground cable is spiral in shape instead of straight?

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why we are using panel space heaters in different control schemes????

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what is pressure relief valve?where it is used????

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what is the procedure for cable sizing or on what basis we will calculate the size of cable?????

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what are lightning masts?what is their purpose???

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What is a liquid resistance starter?where it is used??

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how netral CT is selected (including its details specification)

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Why the core of a underground cable is spiral in shape instead of straight??

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why there is a phase shift lies between primary and secondary voltages of a transformer?

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what is difference between fan and blowers

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what is the meaning(definition)of EN grade of steel and also tell whats the full name of EN?

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Why Pressure Transmitter is NOT installed before up-stream of an ORIFICE PLATE? in a flow measurement.

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If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed.

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