How do you maintain the batteries for generators, what is
the daily maintenance of a generator?

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How do you maintain the batteries for generators, what is the daily maintenance of a generator?..

Answer / amit kumar sharma

Daily routine test for Diesel Generator

Before Starting
1. Check Fuel Level
2. Check Oil level
3. Cooling Water (For water cooled Generator)
4. Battery Volts and terminals
5. Air Filter

After Starting before loads on
1. Oil Pressure gauge
2. Battery charging ampere
3. Water / Oil Temperature
4. Output supply
5. Output frequency

After Loads on
1. Frequency (check if within acceptable limits)
2. Three phase supply volts
3. Load Sharing on each phase
4. Temperature of Water / Oil
5. Exhaust gas color (Should be clear. Not smoky or black)
IF exhaust gas is black, it is overloaded
If its smoky, oil is leak in manifold, or Diesel quality is

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How do you maintain the batteries for generators, what is the daily maintenance of a generator?..

Answer / rajendran.m

Cleaning of terminal and petrolium gelly applied,and to
check a specific gravity of battery.
To check a battery,water level of radiater, oil level,
diesel level and cleaning of gensets.Will be started a
trail run daily.

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