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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are
those maintenances?

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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are those maintenances?..

Answer / satya dev ( knight frank)

For Engine side
A- Check - Every day- check battery voltage, oil level etc.

B- Check 300 hrs/6 month- replace lub oil, fuel filter ,
water seperator & super by pass filetr, also change the
Loub oil.

C- Check - 1500hrs/1 year - repeat B check & tighness the
tappet, rocker lever , change the Air filter.

D - Check - 5000-6000 hrs/2 year- repeat B & C check &
Carried out the following activity---

1- Calbribation of fuel pump
2- Calibration of turbocharger
3- Calibration of Injectors

& replace all gasket form head & check the piston if any
spot found will replaced immediataly.

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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are those maintenances?..

Answer / chinna

There are 3 maintenance A check,B check,C check Like this
Example A check means Daily check 1)Distilled water in the
batteri 2)Engine Oil level 3)Air Filter cleaning Like this
type of maintenance

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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are those maintenances?..

Answer / nabil

Inspection of AC Exciter
Removal of Rotor
(1) Inspection of Stator winding, Stator Wedge Looseness
(2) Inspection of Stator Core
(3) Inspection of Shaft Journal and Shaft Corner by Visual
Inspection, Ultrasonic Examination, Magnetic Particle
(4) Inspection of Retaining Ring Outer Surface by Ultrasonic
Examination, Penetrate Examination, Visual Inspection
(5) Inspection of End winding
(6) Inspection of Collector Ring, Measuring of Collector
Groove Depth
(7) Inspection of Rotor Fan and Bolts, Coupling Bolts by
Inspection, Penetrate Examination, Ultrasonic
(8) Inspection of Field End winding
(Special) Inspection of AC Exciter

Carrying Rotor into Work Shop and Disassembly of
Retaining Rings
The difference from the 4th year inspection are below.
(1) Inspection of Each Wedge by Fluorescent Penetrant
Examination, Magnetic Particle Examination
(2) Inspection of Retaining Ring Inner Surface by
Ultrasonic Examination, Visual Inspection, Penetrant
(3) Inspection of Winding in the Slot Section
(4) Replacement of Pole to Pole Connector
(5) Inspection of Main Lead and Insulation cover Inspection
of Bolts by Ultrasonic Examination, Magnetic Particle
(6) Measuring of Inter Turn Voltage, High Potential Test,
Measuring of Winding Resistance
(7) Inspection of Coupling by Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic
Examination, Penetrant Examination

Overall Inspection for Stator Winding

Removal of Rotor
(1) Inspection of Stator Wedge Looseness
(2) Inspection of Spacer inside Stator Slot Section
(3) Inspection of Bolts for Endwinding Portion, Looseness
of Endwinding Tie, Looseness of Phase Connection Ring etc.
(4) Inspection of Sliding Structure (Water Cooled Stator
- Periodical inspection, every month
the carbon brush length, cleaning the brush holder one
by one

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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are those maintenances?..

Answer / suresh kumar

First of sll it's body should be maintained clean and dust
free for proper cooling. Carbon brushes (if available)
should be checked properly for any sparking. Excitation
voltage should be correct and automatic voltage regulator
should be working perfectly. Load should not be given more
than its rating. If possible always it should be allowed to
run in better lagging power factor. If any external cooling
media is available, it should work properly.

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