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Infosys Interview Questions
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the game of tic-tac-toe is being played between two players. only the last mark to be placed in the game. who will win the game?

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In certain code 'OPERATION' is written as 'POREAITNO'How is DREAMLAND written in that code.

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What is the ten letter country 8 9 10 represents god 8 9 6 is type of music 4 7 10 is a type of liquor if u dont know the answer u are 10 5 1 ?

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How many four digit numbers divisible by four can be formed using 1, 2, 3, 4; repetitions are not allowed!

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In a cricket match, two batsman playing on 94 runs each and they need 7 more runs to win in last 3 balls. at last they win the match and both batsman scored 100 runs not out. how it is possible that both batsman scored 100 run each being not out?

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wo kya cheez hai jo saal me 1 baar mahine me 2 baar hafte me 4 baar aur din me 6 baar aati hai

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Rich man needs it The poor man has it If you eat it, you will die...

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Theere is a firm by name MR Bean and co. and in the firm there are 20 machines which produce a ball of 1000gms. The balls are packed and are delivered to another company by name royal PVT ltd .The production manager of the Royal company complained that a set of balls produced by a machine of the 20 machines of MR bean and co are defective..There is a loss of 100gm in the balls produced by a machine.... You are provided with a weighing machine ...You are to make use of the machine only once and find the defective machine.

6 4953 6.7.8.??.56

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(1/10)18-(1/10)20=? a.99/1020 b.99/10 c.0.9 d. none of these

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19. Students from different universities. A speaks hindi and bengali. B hindi and english. C english and bengali. D tamil and hindi E bengali and tamil 20. Interpretor between C and D A only B only E only A ,B and E 21. Can't speak without interpretor B&E A&B A&C B&E

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If a light flashes every 6 seconds, how many times will it flash in ¾ of an hour?

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if 12+22=24 23+8=6 32+13=40 73+16=144 then 36+2=? explain

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how to make 31 from five 3s

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Infosys Interview Questions

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