Explain the process of Material costing.

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How many standard value keys can you mention at work center

3 Answers   IBM,

Integration between PP and PM module.

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What is detail scheduling

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What is the option "Documented goods movements" on Selection of Individual Object Lists (transaction code CO28)?

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What is scheduling

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What is the use of QM control key?

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What are mandatory fields for PP configuration

3 Answers   Accenture, Wipro,

If I need to maintain a PP module in SAP from the information received from another system, Can i use a table to create the data required for creating the PP

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1. how Product Cost Collector Works? 2. What are the master data for MRP? 3. In a production order without making goods issue, i should not be able to do goods receipt. How do we do it? 4. i have one particular part 'A'. it is available in two storage location X & Y. when i run MRP, I don't want MRP to consider stock that are available in storage location Y. what should be done. 5. for in-house production, planned order are generated & for external procurement purchase requisition. i want, system will go in external procurement to a particular vendor. what is the setting? 6. what are the problems you faced in MRP?

2 Answers   Wipro,

What is the standard info set?

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What is trigger Point. What are the setting required to trigger one action?

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Integration between PP and MM Module.

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