How system calculate the actual cost?

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What MRP does with Capacity overload

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Difference between different strategy groups.

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define the CRP,MRP,DRP ?

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How do you carry out Capacity leveling?

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what is varient BOM?

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What are the strategy groups you have used?

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What structure do your BOMs have? How many levels are there? How many components are there on each level?

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Difference between byproduct and co-product.

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Describe the process for creating and adding to material BOMs. Include release procedure/status, notifications, responsibilities, authorizations, involved systems, Engineering Change Management, and so on.

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Difference between base unit of measure, production unit, order unit

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Hi All, In Repititive manufacturing during backflush we enter the production date and the batch. The classification for production date and Shelf life expiration date has been maintained in the material master. We have a characteristic "date of last goods reciept"which updates the characteristic value in the batch classification automatically from the production date entered in MFBF Tcode. Even though we have maintained the min shelf life and total shelf life the system does not calculate the remaining shelf life for the batch and does not update the value for shelf life in batch classification. Please suggest the procedure for updating values in batch classification for shelf life automatically from MFBF Regards, LN

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What is primary cost and secondary cost?

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