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HP Interview Questions
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How many types of Work Process.and types of roles. how will assign the role to the user.

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What is RFC. why will use RFC.

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The potential energy of a charged conductor is


How do make one system dedicated to one user. How do to restrict the user login to the system.


why some one will send mail in encrypt mode and how do you read the encrypted mail.

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1> What is water mark & why it will be used? 2> how do you make / done duplex setting in printer or while printing ? 3> total in how many ways from n/w system, user can send the data ? 4> in n/w how user can access the data from another system ? 5> what is virtual memory, page file, hyper trending? 6> mail account configure & difference ? [express, outlook, IMAP, notes] 7> n/w command & layer ? Q asked at HP, Bangalore, for non voice tech support.


i have to make entries for accounts receivable , so wht all entries should i pass..i.e how to pass invoice ,incoming pay , down payments , post down pay , partial and residual payments . with an examole ..

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Generally which method companies follow in stores? Like (FIFO,LIFO,Simple AVG,Weight AVG...)

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when does transistor has power dissipation

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give journal entry for salary paid in company point of view?

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what is 3d gard


How to make protected field in BMS invisible through application program?

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how 2 compile & execute c program with out using editor?

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Who will close the bug and how it is closed..........?

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what is rate of tds in present financial year

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HP Interview Questions

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This question asked during interview, 2) At the end of each month, a new table is created for each bank that contains monthly metrics consolidated at the account level. The table naming convention is bankX_YYYYMM where X represents the numeric designation of the bank and YYYYMM indicates the 4 digit year and 2 digit month. The tables contain the following fields: name data type description account text account number registered boolean indicates whether the account is registered num_trans integer number of transactions made during the time period spend numeric(9,2) total spend during the time period a) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend for "Bank1" during the 4th quarter of 2009. b) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend at "Bank1" and "Bank2", broken out by registered vs. non-registered accounts, during January 2010 not sure what is correct answer and how to solve?


what risks do u faced u r projest how do you solve


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