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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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differences between the sorted ,standard, hashed tables.

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Wat is the difference between Select single * and Select .. Up to one row . And which method is better for performance ?

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How do you do BDC field Validtaions ? can any one help with syntax? is there any difference with BDC and BAPI validations?

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1) What is read with binary search? 2) I have initialization write ?a? Top-of-page write ?b? what is the output for this/ 3) If I don?t have start of selection event in report will it execute?it is mandatory or not? 4) What is table maintenance generator? 5) Is it advisable to have secondary index/ 6) How we will imlement BAPI? 7) What is process code in idoc? 8) Where the information msg will display? 9) Where warning msg will display? 10) Where we use watch point?what exactly watch point means? 11) What is a spool? 12) What is program name that contains all print program names and form names other than TNAPR? 13) How we will capture errors in bapi? 14) How to transfer std text from production to quality?

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Can we use CALL SCREEN in RFC?

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What is the maximum value for Line-Size in the Report?

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How many methods are there in BDC? Which methods you know well?

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What is the difference between Report and Script?

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What are control commands in Scripts?

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What is the use of PROTECT and ENDPROTECT?

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Can we display text with color in SAP Script? If yes how can we do that?

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What is the use of event AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON FIELD?

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What is the use of CHAIN and ENDCHAIN statement?

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How can you set rows and columns for Table control in a screen?

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what is an user exit?

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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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