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CSC COBOL Interview Questions
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What are the differences between COBOL and COBOL II?

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What is the difference between static call & Dynamic call?

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Name some of the examples of COBOl 11?


What is the difference between write & move in COBOL?

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IF there 5 to 6 files in a JCL and there is some space abends, how can we identify which file has space abend and what can be done to get off that abend or rectify that abend.

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How to define variable 9(20) in COBOL, because compiler does not allow us to declare variables with Pic 9(18). Can anyone please let me know the answer... I know one answer to this question which is to use Compiler option Arith (Extend) during Compilation. It extends the maximum limit to 9(32)..Just wanted to know if there is any other way to extend this?

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i friends greetings to the day...!!! I face a quation like"while runnig the programe every day i have to access the previous day updates only...!! Ex:- Let last day 100 customers took bank account i have to select those customers only.."

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Is It Possible to Update or change in VIEW Mode?

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Suppose i have a variable with s9(18)v99 comp3 . what is the size of variable . If s9(18) comp3 is 10 bytes . There should be some difference between two allocations ? Thanks krishna chaitanya

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In file1 have 80 records are like d1,d2,d3......D80. File2 have 1000records are like a1d1,a1d2,a3d3.....Etc. I want matching records in file3 ? Plse tell me the matching logic???I want answer only in cobol ?Not using any tool or jcl?

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how to check whether the open command of a sequential file is successful? or not?

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In a file if a column account number conatain value 0001234.. how can we move the value to another variable without zero. value may contain any type such as 00123405. we need the value 1234 or 12305. how can we do that in cobol. Please help.

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CSC COBOL Interview Questions

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