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CSC VB Script Interview Questions
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Hi Friends, I have an issue like the describe below: I'm using QTP and I'm testing on SharePoint. As you knoe, SharePoint has a customize function for user, so that, If I add an object Web Table at the first time, that object was recognized by "index" and "html tag", after that, if someone change the display of web part, the "Index" of my object was changed as well and QTP unable to select that Web Table. Can you guide me how to identify or anyway to keep that Web Table object as unique object? Thanks a lot.


Hi, Anybody could tell me What is the script for Reverse of Given number. Ex:236--632. Thanks in Advance..

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create a form to accept username and password validate the username and password with using message box, display the corresponding user message


input values to accept 2 numbers & print the product, difference and sum using switch case

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CSC VB Script Interview Questions

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