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CSC Database Management Interview Questions
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Explain the classification of Database Management System?


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CSC Database Management Interview Questions

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You are ready to perform the Activity Sequencing process for your project. To make your job easier, you're going to use a software tool to help you draw a PDM network diagram. Most software programs use this technique. You know all of the following are true regarding the PDM except: A. It shows the activities on arrows and connects them to dependencies usually depicted as circles. B. It’s also called AON. C. It shows the activities in boxes with arrows connecting the dependent activities. D. It uses four types of dependency relationships of which finish to start is one.


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Our company has 2 divisions: Food Service & Food Beverage Units Now we have a problem... The customer no. 500 , is shared between our Food Service and Food & Beverage units. T we do not have a customer hierarchy for the following combination: sales org. 1000 dist. channel 10 ( for food service) division 00. We cannot set this up because we have the customer hierarchy already created for sales org.1000, dist. channel 11 ( for food and beverage) division 00 Is there anyway that we can set up the customer hierarchy for food service units? Please let me know