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CSC RPG400 Interview Questions
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How do you find out whether a record is present in the physical file without reading the file? for Example Employee No: 100 in an Employee master.How do we find out whther 100 is present in Employee master without reading the file?

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How can we find out whether the job is interactive or Batch through RPG program? 2) How can we find out through CL program?

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What is the RPG cycle?

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can anybody help me that what is the procedure of debugging the service program?

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Q1.How we can copy the data of file one session to another session? we can execute a loop infinitely in AS/400 coding? Q3.In ALDON tool,multitask is posible on a perticular object by the user?

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1.String operatio such as moving the characters to the variables? 2.what are the building functions for check file longs? 3.which of the following methods will make externally describe file fields available to a program? A: A/copy statement that specifies the library file and member of the field reference file source code B: A data structure definition specification that names the file on the EXTNAME keyword C: A data structure definition specification that names the file on the IMPORT keyword? D: A Definition specification for each desired field with the REFFLD keyword

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1.Can any body share me about thease opcodes with example please.Im new for AS/400.Could u please tell me in real senario? 1.TESTN, 2.EVAL 3.EVALR, TIME, 4.MONITOR 5. ENDMON 6.ON-ERROR 7.COMMIT ROLLBACK?

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I want to add 10 days in current date. how it is possible in CL program...?

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What are the commands that can be executed in CLP but not in RPG? Why?

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why subproc not run in dftactgrp?????/plz explain

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what is *place and *auto keyword in prtf ?plz explain


suppose i i am changing / updating record of subfile and i want to change the record in reverse order . means i want to change the bottom record first and so on through readc . how i do it please any one explain .

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CSC RPG400 Interview Questions

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