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CSC SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is the basic functions for master, msdb, tempdb databases?

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how to delete duplicate rows from table

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What is the diff between Static Queries and Dynamic queries give me some examples

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what is the diffrence between Snap Shot and Transaction Replication

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What is the difference between IN and EXISTS operators in SQL Server?

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1. Tell me your daily activities 2. If sql server installation fails at time installation what will do 3. Where does the sql server installation log details are stored 4. After the installation what will you do for memory configuration 5. What is the difference between SQL max maximum memory and AWE memory 6. How will you configure AWE memory 7. How will setup an email alert for the backup job 8. After the SQL installation what are the jobs will you configure 9. What does –g mean in the sql startup parameter 10. What is the difference between Bulked log and Full recovery model 11. What is the difference between mirroring and log shipping 12. What are the steps to be followed before in-place up gradation 13. After installing the patch the sql server does not start and application team tells to rollback the changes .In this scenario what will you do


Can Having clause be used without Group by clause?

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CSC SQL Server Interview Questions

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