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CSC C Code Interview Questions
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main() { int i=0; while(+(+i--)!=0) i-=i++; printf("%d",i); }

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main() { int i = 3; for (;i++=0;) printf(“%d”,i); }

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main() { int i=10,j=20; j = i, j?(i,j)?i:j:j; printf("%d %d",i,j); }

2 24440

int DIM(int array[]) { return sizeof(array)/sizeof(int ); } main() { int arr[10]; printf(“The dimension of the array is %d”, DIM(arr)); }

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main() { int i = 257; int *iPtr = &i; printf("%d %d", *((char*)iPtr), *((char*)iPtr+1) ); }

1 10487

main() { int i=300; char *ptr = &i; *++ptr=2; printf("%d",i); }

4 29555

main() { char a[4]="HELLO"; printf("%s",a); }

3 10870

what is the output of the below program & why ? #include void main() { int a=10,b=20,c=30; printf("%d",scanf("%d%d%d",&a,&b,&c)); }

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CSC C Code Interview Questions

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