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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is table maintenance generator?

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How can you call a subroutine which is located in program A from program B?

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What is RFC function module?

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How many types of RFCs are there?

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difference between at new and on change of pl its urgent

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I need the coding for BDC program to upload Purchase orders of known vendor (ME21) in Material Management


how many ways to debug the script and can we debug the smartform if yes how can we debug

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difference between user exit and customer exit dont tell both are same but there is another difference is there if anybody knows reply immediately

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1)can any body tell the transport request number concept and 2)there are 3 screens in one screen u have uploaded the resume and second screen also u have done the same thing but when u are uploading the resume in third screen u got some error in somewhere else but whatever u have uploaded the resume in 1 and 2 should not


in real time with the help of scripts what we can do?

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in real time with the help of scripts what we can do?

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what is the difference between functional spec and technical spec

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what are the Events in Application Server

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Is exit a function module?

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What is the difference between the exits created in M.M and S&D?


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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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