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CSC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why bpo

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what is your biggest achievement and how did you acieve it?

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tell something about BPO

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why you leave teaching? and why you want to join BPO?


you have completed your graduation in 2002 what you did 3 years because you start teaching in 2005?


Why do you want bpo

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Why do you want to leave the organisation?


I failed in versant round in wipro.can anybody helps how to crack it.any trick is there?I want to clear it.

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Hello everyone, please help me with the best answer.Actually I have 1 year gap now and during interview I was asked "why do you not want to join your previous organizatio now? Or why did you not try for the job in your previous organizaton?


what are you planning on your next b'day/what have you planned on your next b'day ..??


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CSC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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