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CSC L1 Visa Interview Questions
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Yesterday (22nd Oct) I had my L1B visa interview. The consulate rejected my VISA stating that I should go for L1 invidual VISA or H1B Visa. He just asked me 4 to 5 questions and then started writing something on the computer. The questions were: 1)My employer 2)My education: BTECH 3)My client , inidan salary and salary in US 4)the team size of project in India and in US. I had told around 50 in India and around 10 in US. I gave all the answers correctly. Can you please let me know the following: 1)what could be the reason of rejection ? 2)What should be the time gap before filing for L1 individual VISA again. 3)What are the chances of rejection of L1 individual visa? 4)What care should be taken next time during VISA interview? Thanks, Swati

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CSC L1 Visa Interview Questions

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