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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Can we create Enhancements of our own, i.e. customer defined?

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Would WS_UPLOAD function module work if the BDC is run in Background? If yes explain, If no explain?

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What will happen if we write “WRITE” statement in the TOP_OF_PAGE? Can we write?

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Can we execute the script individually? If yes How? Else what we need to do so?

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Can we call a subroutine in a script? If so, how?

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In sap script how to print bar code in vertical manner


In Badi wher is the standard prograam name to add the additional progaram

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In sap script how to print bar code in vertical manner


how to print barcode in vertical manner

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how to track records from data dictionary?


How to maintain subtotals n grand totals in smart forms?

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1) How to maintain lists in dialog programming? 2)How to send greeting with different languages to different regions in smartforms? 3)Can we transfer 100 screen data to pass 200 screen? 4)In reports 1st list o/p can be consider as i/p of 2nd list how it maintains? 5) In lsmw data length 20 chars only but there is 24 chars field how can u manage? 6)What is the diff b/w OK_CODE n SY_UCOMM?

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Tell the Material Document, shipping, delivery, invoice tables?

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what is the t-code to link technical and functional operation?


What is up-casting and down casting? with example

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CSC SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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