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CSC Interview Questions
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How do you do BDC field Validtaions ? can any one help with syntax? is there any difference with BDC and BAPI validations?

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1) What is read with binary search? 2) I have initialization write ?a? Top-of-page write ?b? what is the output for this/ 3) If I don?t have start of selection event in report will it execute?it is mandatory or not? 4) What is table maintenance generator? 5) Is it advisable to have secondary index/ 6) How we will imlement BAPI? 7) What is process code in idoc? 8) Where the information msg will display? 9) Where warning msg will display? 10) Where we use watch point?what exactly watch point means? 11) What is a spool? 12) What is program name that contains all print program names and form names other than TNAPR? 13) How we will capture errors in bapi? 14) How to transfer std text from production to quality?

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Can we use CALL SCREEN in RFC?

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why we go for winrunner ? and when we go for winrunner

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what is the difference between functional spec and technical spec

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How do you check the listening ports on a windows box? Command line.

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Difference Between Quality Center and Test Director?

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Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?

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Can u please explain wat is Cyclomatic Complexity?and wat is incident?

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how can we convert crystal dictionary dc5 file to another datasource format like mdb or xml schema


how can we import the user defined package without classpath?

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Hi Friends, I have an issue like the describe below: I'm using QTP and I'm testing on SharePoint. As you knoe, SharePoint has a customize function for user, so that, If I add an object Web Table at the first time, that object was recognized by "index" and "html tag", after that, if someone change the display of web part, the "Index" of my object was changed as well and QTP unable to select that Web Table. Can you guide me how to identify or anyway to keep that Web Table object as unique object? Thanks a lot.


Hi Friends, I'm testing a SharePoint application by QTP 8.2 I face a problem that really difficult to me, please take a look on the description below: As you may know, SharePoint is an application is allow customize function from user, so that, user can add many web parts and put at any place they like. For ex: if there are two web parts existing in the SharePoint site When I using QTP to recognize a Web Table on any web part, it has the properties as "Index" and "html tag" only. Problem is: If there is any user changes the display of my web part, the "Index" of Web table is changed as well, so that QTP cannot identify exactly my object. Can anyone help me how to make that object as unique or another way to identify that web table object? Hope to receive many solutions from you. Thanks a lot.

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what are the ALOM commands are used to troubleshooting sunv440 server on ALOM console mode?

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1. What will be the output of the following programs. a) #include Main() { Int x=4; While(x==1) { X=x-1; Printf(ā€œ%dā€,x); --x; } }

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CSC Interview Questions

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