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CSC Informatica Interview Questions
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By using Filter Transformation,How to pass rows that does not satisfy the condition(discarded rows) to another target?

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In real time scenario where can we use mapping parameters and variables?

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Hi Friends, I want lo truncate my records from target before loading current month data,but i dont have permission to truncate with truncate option if u know any other way please give your valuable input for this. Thanks Abhishek

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I have table name called Team and I have name and DOJ in that table in oracle, when I retrive the table in Informatica DOJ shows with date and time , I want want to know is it possible to get only date(MMDDYYYY) in the date data type,

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Hi, I am new to Informatica, What is a flat file and how to use flat file in infomratica please help me.

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How to generate a single mapping for both the historical and incremental load.

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What are the uses of a Parameter file?

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what are the limitations for bulk loading in informatica for all kind of databases and transformations?

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when we dont use aggregator in mapping ?

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How many joins in Informatica

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How to identify this row for insert and this row for update in dynamic lookup cache

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What is router transformation

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How to eliminate duplicates in FF and oracle both

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If I am having 6 flat files in data. How can you load the data at a time

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CANNOT USE PARAMETER FILE! Hi all, I am trying to use parameter file for my workflow. This could help me to filter records where CITY = 'Portland' Following is what I have done: **in Designer - create new parameter : $$PARA_FIL, Parameter, String, IsExprVar=TRUE, Initial value = [empty] - Source Qualifier/ Properties/Source Filter: CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL' **Create Parameter file: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt $$PARA_FIL='Portland' **Configure workflow to use the parameter file: Edit Workflow/Properties/Parameter Filename: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt I also configured directory of parameter file for session task. However, I just got this in the session log: [SQ_CUSTOMERS] SQL Query [SELECT CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMER_ID FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL'] No record has been loaded to target. It seems that the parameter file has not been read. I cannot understand the reason why. Could any of you kindly suggest me anything? Thanks

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CSC Informatica Interview Questions

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