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CSC JCL Interview Questions
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How do you skip a particular step in a proc/JOB?

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I have two input SORTIN files and We need to create one SORTOUT file which contains data of both input files. What is the SortCard for this?. Suppose the length of the both files are different, then How we do it? Please reply ASAP

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how to identify the file used in the JCL is an VSAM file. Just seeing the JCL code how can we track the file as VSAM file?

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We are using 2 files , file one has data, file two is empty.Using jcl how can we find the other file is empty?

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How to execute step2,step1, step3 if step1,2,3 are in order

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i have a string of 80 chars i want to replace 4th char with "a"?

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How can we see data in TEMPARARY DATA SET in JCL ?

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can a job be submitted through jcl only? is there another way to submit a job?

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what is meant by jobtrac?

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A. Job Abended in STEP03. Now run job again to execute STEP03, STEP04 (STEP01,STEP02 should not execute again)

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How to send data from cobol program to jcl?

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How to compare two files in SYNCSORT and on the mismatch record should be deleted from second file.


In your JCL, run the even numbered steps if date is even and run odd numbered steps if date is odd . Where do you generate the date ??in cobol or JCL ??

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How to find the length of variable length copybook using fileaid ??

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CSC JCL Interview Questions

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