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CSC C Interview Questions
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main() { float a=8.8; double b=8.8; if(a==b) printf("Equal"); else printf("not equal"); getch(); } what is the output? with reason

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write a c program to find the roots of a quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0

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How is a two dimensional array passed to function when the order of matrix is not known at complie time?

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How can I access a memory located at certain address?

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How can we allocate array or structure bigger than 64kb?

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How can I read a directory in a c program?

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How can I increase the allowable number of simultaneously open files?

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1. What will be the output of the following programs. a) #include Main() { Int x=4; While(x==1) { X=x-1; Printf(ā€œ%dā€,x); --x; } }

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simple program of graphics and thier outpu display with a want what is out put of graohics in c language

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i=10,j=20 j=i,j?(i,j)?i:j:j print i,j

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main() { float f1=10.5; double db1=10.5 if(f1==db1) printf("a"); else printf("b") }

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main() { static int ivar=5; printf("%d",ivar--); if(ivar) main(); }

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Can you explain what keyboard debouncing is, and where and why we us it? please give some examples


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CSC C Interview Questions

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